User Experience & Software Delivery

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We strive to enhance the customer journey and drive engagement.

We are dedicated to refining the touchpoints that connect customers with your digital platforms. Businesses seek our expertise to overcome challenges in UX design, product development, and execution of eCommerce strategies.

We ensure that your digital presence resonates with your audience, driving user satisfaction and business results.

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User Experience & Software Delivery

User Experience Audit

Decoded's User Experience Audit service systematically evaluates your digital interfaces to uncover usability issues and identify areas for enhancement. We provide you with actionable insights that can lead to improved customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and a more engaging user interface, ensuring that your digital presence is both effective and delightful for your customers.

Digital Products

The Digital Products service at Decoded is tailored to help businesses design and develop digital solutions that truly meet the needs of their users. We leverage our extensive digital product expertise to focus on creating products that are not only innovative and aligned with your business strategy but also deeply resonate with your target audience, ensuring market fit and user engagement.

Customer Experience

Decoded's Customer Experience service is dedicated to crafting seamless and memorable interactions for your customers across all digital touchpoints. We help you design and implement a high-quality cohesive customer journey that is consistent, while fostering brand loyalty, encouraging repeat business, and setting you apart from the competition.


The eCommerce service at Decoded supports businesses in establishing and optimizing their online stores to maximize sales and provide an exceptional shopping experience. We guide you through the intricacies of eCommerce, from user interface design to checkout optimization, helping you create a platform where customers can shop with ease and confidence.

Digital Payments

With Decoded's Digital Payments service, we ensure that your business is equipped with a secure, efficient, and user-friendly payment system. Our expertise in digital transactions enables you to offer your customers a variety of payment options, reducing friction in the purchasing process and increasing transaction success rates.


The Mobile service from Decoded helps businesses tap into the vast potential of mobile audiences by developing strategies that cater to the needs of mobile users. We ensure that your mobile presence is optimized for performance, engagement, and conversion, providing users with a superior experience on their devices.

Complex Delivery Advisory

We provide specialized advisory for complex software delivery projects. Our teams have significant experience in delivering large software programmes and provide governance and senior project advisory.

Agile Project Management

Our Delivery Management practice has extensive experience with agile methodologies across application, mobile and web development projects. We provide advisory services to organizations looking to adopt or improve their agile practices.


Mobile designed & developed Pac-12 first iOS and Android applications. Concept to launch in 8 weeks.


E-Commerce platform development. Technology & Product strategy. Marketing technology & data architecture development.

Product strategy and mobile development of 4oD, VOD platform for iOS, Android & TV platforms.

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