Technology Strategy

Driving business growth using technology. On Demand.

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We enable business leaders to realize their technology vision.

Ambitious companies must make difficult decisions about which technologies to use, how to align technology with their business goals and where to focus their investments.

A successful technical strategy based on digital capabilities, operational agility, and innovation is essential to creating value and sustaining long-term growth.

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Technology Strategy

Technical Maturity Assessment

We utilise our proprietary framework to assess the current technical capabilities of your business. We validate the alignment with your business strategy, analyze operational and development functions. The output is a comprehensive and actionable set of recommendations and insights to deliverable measurable change.

Growth Accelerator Sprints

For businesses looking to achieve growth via technology, we apply our Growth Accelerator - an intensive programme of four weekly sprints to ideate, prototype and test growth-driving technology concepts. The output is a roadmap of initiatives ready to move into delivery.

Product Strategy

Our team applies its expertise in launching digital products and services to support your product ambitions. We run a series of workshops to assess the business and customer drivers for your next product and collaboratively create a product strategy, product roadmap and delivery plan.

Specialised Advisory

Our technology domain specialists have expertise across AI/ML, data science, cloud infrastructure, security, mobile, e-commerce, martech and other fields. Our specialists work with you to rapidly support your requirements and challenges.

Replatforming Strategy

Replatforming can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive initiative. We have expertise in successfully delivering large replatforming programmes and provide specialized advisory on the strategy, delivery and resources to mitigate risk and deliver success.

Hidden Value Accelerator

Our accelerator programmes work to unlock hidden value that exists within businesses using technology to achieve revenue increases or cost reductions. Our proprietary workshops have been engineered to focus on areas that have the highest propensity for success.

Future CTO Training

Our proprietary Future CTO programme is focused on supporting the next generation of CTOs with their career and development journeys. We work with existing CTOs and technologists in your business to develop their capabilities in technology, strategy, marketing and customer experience.

Full Technology Reboot

We work with businesses that require their legacy technology to be entirely reimagined from the ground up. Our programme delivers cost-effective results utilising accelerators and proven blueprints to scope, plan and delivery a full technology reboot.


Provided Acting CTO capability. Delivery support and oversight of complex CMS re-platforming. Offshore development capability creation. Mobile proposition development


Future CTO training and mentorship. Product strategy & advisory support. Offshore development capability support.


E-Commerce platform development. Technology & Product strategy. Marketing technology & data architecture development.


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