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At Decoded, our mission is to help ambitious businesses realize their growth potential through technology. Our capabilities include Custom AI Business Assistants, Technology Strategy, Data, AI & Insights, Technology-Driven Business Growth, User Experience & Software Delivery and On-Demand Services.

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Every business is now a technology business.

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We enable ambitious businesses to access best-in-class technology strategy, data & AI, and software delivery capabilities, on demand.

Our CTOs and technology domain experts apply our proprietary tools, frameworks, and accelerators to deliver data-driven technology strategy and innovation.

We work with brands that are looking to grow, scale and remain relevant & competitive using our sophisticated technology and data capabilities.

Let's build a better business through technology.
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How can we help your business?

Custom AI Business Assistants

  • Can I have a private version of ChatGPT trained on my business data?
  • How do I create custom AI assistants to support each department in my business?
  • Is there a cost-effective solution that can be deployed quickly and stay up-to-date as my data changes?
  • How do I ensure that staff only see responses, based on the data they are permitted to access?
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Technology Strategy

  • How can technology drive my business growth?
  • How can we align our technology with our business strategy?
  • How can we stay competitive with emerging technologies?
  • Are we getting the full value out of our technology investments?
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Data, AI & Insights

  • How do we convert our data into actionable insights?
  • What AI strategies will drive growth for our business?
  • How can we create an analytics platform to drive business growth?
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Technology-Driven Business Growth

  • How do we scale our technology to support business growth?
  • What's our roadmap for digital transformation?
  • How can we transition from legacy systems to modern solutions?
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User Experience & Software Delivery

  • How can we improve our platform's user experience?
  • What strategies will make our digital products stand out and succeed?
  • How can we optimize our eCommerce setup to increase conversions?
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On-Demand Services

  • How can we quickly access the best technical leadership without hiring full-time?
  • What expertise do we need to enhance our cybersecurity?
  • How can we manage our technology projects more effectively?
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Blog 27 t

On-Demand CTOs: A Game-Changer in Business Tech

Discover how On-Demand CTOs are revolutionizing the technology landscape in businesses today. We delve into how startups, mid-sized and large legacy companies can navigate the intricate and rapidly evolving tech landscape without the need for a full-time CTO. Learn about the unique solutions offered by On-Demand CTO services, providing businesses with strategic tech oversight, fostering a culture of innovation, and ensuring efficient, secure, and future-oriented technology infrastructure. Read on to understand the value of this service that goes beyond cost savings, driving growth, streamlining operations, and establishing a robust digital presence.

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Blog 1 t

Why Technology Audits are Crucial for Business Growth

In our increasingly digital business landscape, aligning your technology strategy with your business objectives is paramount. Yet, many organizations find this alignment challenging, often leading to ineffective technology deployments and missed growth opportunities. Our latest article, "Why Technology Audits are Crucial for Business Growth," dives into the importance of a Technology Audit, a systematic review that identifies and addresses gaps between your business goals and technology strategy. Learn how an audit can streamline your operations, optimize resource allocation, and ensure your tech investments significantly contribute to your company's success.

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Blog 7 t

Crafting Data-Driven Stories through Visualization

Navigating the world of big data can be a challenge for many businesses. The problem is not just collecting data, but making sense of it. In our latest blog post, "Crafting Data-Driven Stories through Visualization", we explore how Decoded's Data Visualization service can transform complex data into compelling, easy-to-understand visual narratives. Learn how this service can enhance your decision-making process, foster better team alignment, and drive better outcomes for your business. Uncover the true value of your data with Decoded.

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Blog 8 t

Transforming Raw Business Data into Strategic Insights

In our latest blog, "Transforming Raw Business Data into Strategic Insights," we delve into how businesses can turn their raw data into actionable intelligence. We explore how Decoded's Business Insights service helps businesses cut through the noise of vast data volumes to unveil meaningful insights for strategic decision-making. Our service empowers businesses with deep knowledge and the 'why' behind their data, enabling them to strategize and act with confidence. Discover how we transform data from a passive asset to a strategic tool, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth, and providing a clear roadmap for success.

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