Custom, Private and Secure AI Business Assistants.

Realize the superpower of AI Business Assistants in your organization.

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Supercharge every department with AI Business Assistants, powered with your unique data.

Decoded introduces the Decoder Platform, facilitating the rapid and cost-effective creation and deployment of Custom, Private, and Secure AI Business Assistants – a Generative AI-powered solution tailored to your organization's specific needs, powered by your unique data. Delivering a superpower for your team, enhancing efficiency, enabling data-driven decision-making, and providing competitive growth.

We deliver assistants that answer business questions, summarize or generate content, create reports and visualizations, and complete tasks based on your business data and integration with your applications and systems.

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ChatGPT is not fit for business consumption

ChatGPT has exploded in popularity since its launch in November 2022. However, businesses should be concerned about sharing confidential data into the public ChatGPT platform, as that data may be used for training and appear in responses to other users outside your organization.

Even with the ChatGPT Enterprise product, it is complex to integrate your various data sources, keep the data regularly updated, maintain accurate categorization of the underlying data, and ensure granular access control.

The main interface option is via web-based chat, requiring users to break away from their usual process and copy/paste data between applications.

Custom & Cost-Effective

The current AI assistant landscape includes either "one-size-fits-all" solutions, which are generally not customizable enough for an organization's needs and cannot integrate with all required data sources. The alternatives are fully custom solutions, which are cost-prohibitive and take significant time to train and deploy.

The Decoder Platform offers a solution that provides customizability, data integration, security, fast-to-launch, and highly cost-effective.

Pre-Trained Assistant Roles

Each Business Assistant is trained and finely tuned to fulfill the roles and processes that deliver the most value and save costs and time to your organization across departments, including Sales, Marketing, HR, and Legal, offering invaluable support and insights.

These custom roles have been pre-trained - once the data is connected, they are ready to customize and launch quickly.

On-Demand Data Integration

We have pre-built a comprehensive set of data connectors to integrate with the most popular technology, data, and marketing platforms - this includes documents and file storage, email, collaboration software, CRMs, CMS, chat platforms, call transcripts, and many more.

We customize each integration to understand the context of the data sources so the data is ingested with relevance and can be used to drive accurate responses and insights.

The data is updated regularly, ensuring the AI assistance remains up-to-date and informed.

The AI Business Assistants use Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a natural language processing (NLP) technique. Using RAG, generative AI is conditioned on specific internal business documents retrieved from your custom dataset for highly relevant and accurate assistance.

Data Security & Access Control

Our AI Business Assistants feature stringent data security and access controls; they can be hosted in a public/private cloud or on-premises, and the data integration is secure and only accessible to those with the appropriate access.

Our data integration also captures the access controls within each platform - allowing us to map user and group access across the various platforms, which is then associated with the data. That way, only a finance user can get responses based on data classified to be accessed only by a finance department.

This allows a mix of users to access the same assistant but only receive responses and insights based on the data they are permitted to access.

Integration Beyond Chat

Our Business Assistants go beyond a chat interface - we locate and implement the optimal interfaces for your assistants - this includes in your email client, via your browser, and in your chat/communications platform, and we integrate them with your core business applications with a robust API layer.

The output also goes beyond just text responses; they generate data visualizations, reports, and files (e.g., Word and Excel), which can be delivered via email, mobile app, or chat platform, and we can deliver files straight into your document storage platform.

No Hallucinations

A common issue with Generative AI platforms such as ChatGPT is "hallucinations," where the results look genuine but are content that does not make sense or isn't grounded in its training data. When these results are driving core decision-making, this is simply unacceptable.

The Decoder Platform has been configured so that all the results need to be based on the underlying data. Furthermore, every paragraph of results includes a citation, allowing you to rapidly check the source to ensure the validity of the results and relevance to your query and use case.

Report and Visualization Generation

Creating complex reports and data visualizations is a time-consuming task that can involve bringing together multiple data sources, building complex queries, and fine-tuning visualizations to look "just right."

You can issue a simple request such as "email the leadership team a monthly sales report, which includes regional, team, and product breakdowns and a YoY comparison," - and you are done.

Browser & Email Integration

We provide native browser and email integration, allowing the assistants to integrate into your day-to-day workflow and extend third-party applications to deliver business intelligence based on your data straight into any text prompt or email while maintaining an entire context history.

Provider Agnostic

New AI platforms are launched on a near-weekly basis. Large and reputable technology companies provide generally more generalized solutions, while start-ups carve out niches and specialisms, solving specific customer needs. Previously, businesses would have to invest and experiment with multiple solutions to find the best suited for their company. The Decoder Platform is provider agnostic - we have invested significant efforts in researching and working with various vendors and providing integrations with the best-in-class vendors.

We can select one or multiple vendors best suited for your specific business requirements based on industry, available data, and the particular assistant requirements you may have. The Legal Assistant can leverage specific legal model expertise - a Sales Assistant is trained in Sales Strategy and Communication.

The end output is delivered consistently via the Decoder Platform, available through all the integration points, abstracting away the complexity of integrating with multiple AI providers.


Concept creation, AI/ML model creation and web development services. Delivered a world-first live AI moderated debate.


Software development services. Deployed a 40-person agile development team to create a real-time trading web platform.


Technology strategy & advisory. Marketing technology architecture. Competitor analysis. Data architecture advisory.

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