Digital Operations

Delivering bulletproof digital operations. On Demand.

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We support businesses to transform their digital operations to best-in-class.

We perform a detailed assessment of your technical capabilities including engineering, DevOps, infrastructure, tooling, partners and customer support.

We create and support the delivery of a comprehensive Target Operating Model, a budget & ROI and a detailed migration plan.

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Digital Operations

Operational Accelerator

For businesses looking to transform their digital operations, we apply our Operational Accelerator - an intensive programme of four weekly sprints to ideate, prototype and test transformative operational concepts. The output is a roadmap of initiatives ready to move into delivery.

Target Operating Model

We work with businesses to workshop and collaboratively create a Digital Operations TOM (Target Operating Model). This creates a blueprint of the Digital Operations vision for the business that aligns with strategic objectives and technology capabilities.

Operational Audit

Our proprietary Operational Audit Framework allows us to rapidly assess a business' current digital operational capabilities across infrastructure, DevOps, customer support, tooling, vendors and other core areas. The output is a comprehensive report and an actionable set of recommendations and insights.

Outsourced Operations

Our team has expertise in building outsourced digital operations capabilities that is a natural extension of your business. We employ fully outsourced, hybrid and scaled models to find the best fit for your team and budget.

DevOps Advisory

Successful adoption of DevOps capabilities is a complex undertaking. We offer our proprietary advisory to enable quality, agile and fast-to-market DevOps capabilities.

Vendor Strategic Review

Choosing the right vendors to partner with your business can be a challenging venture. We work with you to deliver a review of your current vendors against your business strategy and commercial budgets utilizing our extensive experience in vendor selection, negotiation and broad network of partners.

Digital Tooling Review

The technology tools and platforms used to run digital operations can dramatically impact efficiency and results. Our teams utilize our proprietary methodology to analyze your existing tools and platforms, reviewing the vendors, commercials, implementation and integration. We deliver a concise and actionable set of recommendations.

Technology Cost Management

Technology budgets are notoriously difficult to manage - where budget creep can spiral and it is difficult to have a clear view of value and ROI. Our teams have extensive expertise at reviewing and optimizing technology costs to deliver a value-driven roadmap and budget that aligns with the business strategy.


Provided Acting CTO capability. Delivery support and oversight of complex CMS re-platforming. Offshore development capability creation. Mobile proposition development


Future CTO training and mentorship. Product strategy & advisory support. Offshore development capability support.


E-Commerce platform development. Technology & Product strategy. Marketing technology & data architecture development.


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